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Foot Pain & Diabetic Foot Ulcers in Jacksonville, Florida

Treat all of your foot pain problems, including diabetic foot ulcers at Center for Foot Health in Jacksonville, Florida. Each of our foot doctors provides a triangle of care that includes thorough diagnosis, treatment, and prevention to improve your feet's overall health.

To pinpoint the cause of foot pain, we offer a complete foot examination, assessment, and evaluation of all foot problems which follows the advice of the American Diabetic Association® (ADA). Treatments for all foot problems are evaluated for:

Circulation—Arterial & Venous Ultrasonography Scanning, Computerized Wave
  Analysis, & Skin Perfusion Testing
• Neuropathy—Numbness, Tingling, Burning, Muscle Weakness, & Pain
• Biomechanics—How Your Feet Work, Computerized Gait Analysis for Any Structural
  Changes, & Pain Evaluation
• Soft Tissue—Corns, Calluses, Fissures, & Ulcers
• Nails—Ingrown or Fungus
• Structure Change—Bunion, Hammer Toe, & Heel Spur

After diagnosis, we have a variety of specialized treatments available to you, such as MicroVas® and the Circulator Boot™. We have wound care, physical therapy, and prevention programs as well. Other services and treatments include:

Foot, Foot Pain in Jacksonville, FL
• General Foot Care
• Routine Nail Care
• Minimal Invasive Surgery
• Hammer Toes
• Bunions
• Ingrown Nails
• Ulcer Management
• Neuromas
• Heel Spur
• Orthotics
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